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Due to a variety of causes, teeth tend to stain and ‘yellow’ over time. We can help you whiten and brighten greying or yellowed teeth.

First, we’ll examine your mouth and then recommend the best treatment for your specific needs. The whitening procedure will either be an in-office treatment or a take-home treatment, which we monitor to make sure you obtain the best results.

Keith Shrum Dental is pleased to offer 2 different options for teeth whitening:

1. Custom Fit Take Home Trays

Keith Shrum Dental can create a personalized take home whitening program designed specifically for you. It will be designed based on how well your teeth bleach and whether or not you have any teeth sensitivity. You will be under the care and guidance of your dentist to help you achieve a brighter and whiter new smile. Your initial visit will be to take impressions of your teeth in our office and create customized whitening trays and bleaching solution to follow up at home.  You will notice an immediate difference with maximum results in 1 to 2 weeks.

Our trays usually fit much better that the typical take home trays because we use the same impression material that is used for crowns and bridges. This allows us to get a more accurate mould of your teeth resulting in a more accurate set of trays. We create the trays in our office as well so any adjustments can be made while you wait to ensure a great fit.

2. Power Whitening

This combines the extra whitening boost of 1 or 2 sessions in our office (one at the beginning and/or one at the end depending on the severity of the case and desired results) with custom whitening with trays that you use over 2 weeks. This also provides the deepest and most stable whitening available. Special desensitizers are used to allow for powerful, yet comfortable maximum whitening of your teeth.

Take home and Power Whitening all work very well on natural teeth. However, whitening is completely ineffective on crowns, bridges and dentures. If you are considering changing your existing dental work, whitening must be done first.

Power whitening does not dehydrate your teeth like “Laser” whitening methods which can give you the illusion your teeth are whiter while they are dehydrated.  The only way to get maximum results is by using the proper bleaching solutions for your teeth over time combined with the added boost of 2 in office treatments.

If you find your teeth need a touch up in the future, you can purchase whitening solution from us to use in your custom trays.

For More Information Call Keith Shrum Dentistry And Our professional staff would be pleased to answer any questions and help guide you with your whitening decision. Or download our Teeth Whitening Guide here.